Gas Detection and Data Acquisition

We design and build custom flammable gas detection equipment for Mud Logging companies. Our development engineer has the experience, training, and ability to design equipment that can fit your needs. Continual research has been done to develop reliable user friendly gas detection systems. Several designs are available now to choose from. Many older systems can be modified, repaired, re-calibrated, or modernized to suit your criteria. Several companies have incorporated these systems into their new logging units and are pleased with the results. If you have special requirements or need custom programs we may have the answers you seek. Technical support is provided for all Cosset Gas Detection systems and other repairs you may need. Basic instrumentation sets include: Total Gas Hot Wire, Single Column Chromatograph, Adjustable Cycle Timer, Suction & Pressure Pumps, Flow Raters, Digital Meters, Fused Power Switches, Particulate filters, & Cosset’s Multi volt power supply. Other Products: Gas Extractor Shells & Extractor stands.

CDP Data Acquisition System:

With complete integrated rig monitoring data thru WITS system and has an LCD display of selectable functions like:
•Total Gas readings
•Chromatograph readings
•ROP Ft/Hour
•On/Off BottomStrokes pump 1
•Strokes pump 2
•Strokes pump 3
•Pump Pressure
•Accumulated Strokes
•Weight on Bit
•Hook Load
•Rotary (RPM)
•Rotary Torque
•Mud Volume Gain/Loss
•Gamma Ray from MWD
•Data logged by each foot or by time

1st Generation of C.E.G.A.S.

"Panel Mount" with externally mounted pumps. Designed to be placed in a wall, a cabinet, or in the existing cut-out of older equipment.

2nd Generation of C.E.G.A.S.

"All-In-One" Case Mount Gas Detection set with Internal Pumps, & Components. Designed to be placed anywhere you wish, i.e. desktop, work bench, floor, or in a cabinet.

•Hot Wire & Chromatograph
•Digital Power Readouts
•Modular Drawer Design
•Built in redundancy

3rd Generation of C.E.G.A.S.

"All-In-One" Most compact, and designed to work with our C.D.P. data acquisition software.

•Hot Wire & Chromatograph
•Compact & space saving 
•Light weight and very portable
•Built in redundancy
•Easy repair / maintenance
•Designed for use with C.D.P.

Explosion Proof Gas Extractor

"Gas Extractor" Connects to a suction line that pulls the gas sample directly to the sensor. These extractors have a steel body for durability and corrosion resistance. They meet all OSHA safety requirements. We also utilize Air Motors when needed.