About Us

A little about Cosset & Ourselves

Cosset was started in 2005 to provide reliable and accurate geological services to oil & gas exploration professionals. We enjoy working in a close relationship with customers to be their eyes and ears in the field. Seeing ourselves as detectives, searching out any and all possible information relating to the potential production zones in the well-bore geology. We have experience with straight hole, directional, horizontal, and storage wells all ranging from low pressure to very high pressures. Our best effort is made to supply reliable and accurate information to both company men & geologists, this has enabled us to maintain our reputation for providing quality services. A team atmosphere of cooperation from us and all personnel helps to ensure safe and efficient operations on each drilling location. 

The Company president, Christine graduated from South Western Oklahoma State University (S.W.O.S.U.) in 1998 with a Double B.A. in Science and a minor in Chemistry. Growing up in the environment of a family mud logging business made the transition to field geology second nature. Due to her own effort and diligent work, reading geology manuals, and hands-on experience studying rocks, she has become an accomplished and renowned field geologist. Through her own tenacity and keen eye for detail she has quickly become one of the most requested Field Geologists in the Anadarko Basin. Christine has continued to pursue her education in Geology and gone on to train others in her craft. In all she has kept a strong intellectual grasp and deep understanding of various areas of bore hole lithology. 

The Vice-president, Conrad graduated from S.W.O.S.U. in 2000 with an accredited degree in Engineering Technology and Manufacturing. Out of college he too was recruited to work for the same mud logging company that Christine’s family owned. His main priorities were to help update instrumentation and resurrect mud logging units that had been idle since the last oil drilling boom in the 80’s. Working diligently, he quickly learned the techniques of analyzing and mapping geological formations. He went on to help increase and maintain the number of mud logging units in the field. He later apprenticed with Jerry Lee at L & S Equipment and gained further knowledge of the gas detection equipment. He has continued to study the gas analyzers and the complexities of gas detection instrumentation, refining them with his own custom designs and previous Engineering education. 

We continue to study various rock samples, field guides, manuals, and techniques to better understand the finite differences in geological formations and reservoir mapping. It is our goal to provide you the best quality field geology service in the Mid-Continental region.

Contact Us -
Our office is located in Burns Flat Oklahoma. We work primarily in the field, so we consider our portable labs as part of the main office. Our clients can reach us at any time by phone or e-mail. Logs, reports, and other data relating to our client’s jobs are kept strictly confidential. Information will only be discussed or sent upon proper approval.

Mailing address:
P.O. Box 270846
Oklahoma City, OK 73137

eMail: Office@CossetGs.com 
Call us at: (405) 760-5933 

Employment Opportunities:
Align your talents with Cosset Geological and discover the advantages of working for a dedicated company. Working for Cosset is more than just a job. It’s also sharing the responsibility and commitment of delivering energy to the world. We are currently looking for Unit Managers, with at least 2 years experience. 

We will need references and places of employment. Basic computer skills are a must, with an ability to speak clearly to clients. We will also need our unit managers to be professional at all times with an appearance to match. We provide meaningful careers, highly rewarding compensation and benefits packages, and are willing to pay for talented Mud Loggers and Geologists. We will be happy to hear from you, please give us a call to talk about you becoming part of the team. 

Please send your resume to office@cossetgs.com for review.