We specialize in Exploratory Oil-Field Geology

Analyzing formation samples and flammable
gas; providing real time data for our clientele.

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Exploratory Oil Field Geology

Let our technology provide you accurate drilling data 

We work on site and in close contact with the physical geology of bore hole cuttings. We interpret those findings to provide a detailed account of lithology, hydrocarbon content, penetration rates, and other pertinent variables. The data is then placed in the standard drawing program (Well-Sight) so that can be easily reviewed and utilized in production and the mapping future prospects. We work diligently to provide Professional Mud Logging Services and assure absolute confidentiality. Other services are currently under development and will be available to our clientele soon.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our clientele with accurate Geological Log of drilling activity. We enable Geologists and Engineers to make informed and efficient decisions regarding the productive zones of oil and gas in marketable quantities. We help to optimize drilling methods by providing accurate sample formation analysis to onsite personnel.

Privacy Statement

All data pertaining to a job is kept strictly confidential and is not shared with anyone without proper approval. Visitors are welcome to our locations, but will be required to have prior approval from our contractor and will need to show a photo ID.

Live Data

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Well Archives

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Sample Logs

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